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Programmes currently offered from Year 3 onwards and delivered over 6-10 sessions per group. Lessons are 50 minutes each though may be adapted to best meet your student /school or organisational needs.

An excellent fit for whole-classes in curriculum time or may be offered as targeted provision for a smaller group with in school, residential care or other community settings.


Specific topics and themed lessons depending upon the audience may include: 

  • Confidence

  • Working together

  • Being a member of a group or dealing with a threatening group

  • Body awareness and breathing strength

  • Emotional control

  • Intuition and listening

  • Body language and non-verbal cues

  • Coping in the playground or community setting

  • Personal contact and boundaries

If you are a Coventry, Solihull, or Warwickshire based school or organisation and would like to discuss a programme, then do get in contact.

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