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The 1 day introductory workshop provides a survey of the entire 3 day training course and is a great way to familiarise many staff with the Rock and Water principles in your school/organisation! Up to 50 participants will receive approximately ninety minutes of theory and six hours of practical experience of the Rock and Water programme with a focus on the first six lessons. These include standing strong physically and mentally, introduction to the Rock and Water attitude (in physical and verbal confrontation), Rock and Water in the playground or community and in relationships. The workshop will also include breathing exercises, exercises for boundary awareness, and a focus on body language.

"This year in the Junior School, we have introduced the Rock and Water programme across all year levels to assist in teaching social skills through physical activities. Throughout the Junior School, it is pleasing to see a common verbal and body language emerging as the boys move as water or stand their ground as rock. Growth in self-control, self-reflection and self-confidence has been terrific to observe." - Tim Simpson, Deputy Head

If your school / organisation is interested in booking a 1 day introductory workshop please get in contact to discuss availability.

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