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Rock and Water is a course that is delivered over a number of lessons for children and young people in schools, community  and youth justice or residential settings. It is characterised by a unique psychophysical didactic method, simply put starting from a physical perspective, mental and social skills are presented and mastered. The programme combines learning through experience and actions and learning through expressing oneself and conversation. Both these aspects are as important as each other and together they create an intense learning process.

This emphasis on kinaesthetic learning patterns practiced through a series of physical exercises and games, some of which are martial arts based, evoke a physical and psychological response. Students learn to feel how their body reacts to situations and develop skills to control how their body responds by recognising the cues. They are made aware of how others respond and have opportunity to discuss how their social competency can be enhanced by following a series of steps to promote open and honest communication in the playground, classroom and wider community.

Each participant of the Rock and Water programme undergoes a journey of self-awareness as they learn about responding to life with either a "rock" or a "water" attitude. The use of symbolism is central to the success of the programme and one of the reasons why young people are so attracted to it.

Rock and Water is designed to enhance children’s resilience skills; monitor and identify their reactive behaviour patterns when placed in times of stress; develop their capacity to work effectively in a group situation by analysing how relationships are strengthened and to stand with focus and determination as an individual.

Specific topics include:  Confidence, being a member of a group, emotional control, body awareness, working together, body language, intuition and listening, non-verbal cues, boundaries and mastering your emotions.

Themed lessons may include: Coping in the playground, dealing with a threatening group, personal contact, breathing strength, body language, sexuality.

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